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  • literature circles in the classroomliterature circles in the classroom

    Book Clubs for Any Novel | Novel Studies | Print and Digital


    Do you ever stop yourself from starting book clubs in the classroom, because you aren’t sure how to keep them organized? This organizational journal is exactly what you need to run book clubs in the classroom with ease! Why will this journal help your students grow? Engagement- The way that this journal guides students through…

  • Book Projects for All Novels

    Book Projects for Any Novel


    20 different book projects that can be used with any novel. After reading students will complete a project to show what they read. They will have to propose a project and then their are direction sheets on how to complete it! These projects are great because when they present it helps other students want to read the book!

    In this product you will find 20 book projects that can be done after reading any novel. You can use these with book clubs, friendly reads, literature circles, or individual reads!