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Hannah Wilde

I am so glad you’re here! I love helping 3rd-5th grade teachers by providing ideas, engaging resources, and professional development they need. I am a literacy coach who is here to help lessen the workload for teachers while making them more confident! I want students to be continually engaged in a rigorous environment!


  1. How many computers do you have in class? I currently have a 1:5 ratio… do you have suggestions on how to make sure everyone has enough class time to do the quizzes, forms, etc…

  2. Hello!! Right now, I have a 1:2 ratio and many times I can get enough computers to have a 1:1 ratio. I suggest that you do the forms in centers or have them do the quiz when they are done read, often times kids get done reading at different times. You could also have them working on an activity and having 5 students taking the quiz, when they are done they pass the computer to another student who has not taken the quiz and go back to working on the activity!

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