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  • Surgery Day for Reading Comprehension Practice – Doctor Transformation


    Students will practice many reading skills in a doctor transformation challenge. Transform your room as much as you want into a hospital then give your kid rigorous reading challenges in order to fix their patients! These challenges will have passages that they will use their close reading skills to read and answer text dependent questions…

  • March Madness Reading Challenge – 3rd & 4th Grade


    Let March Madness and test prep combine in this fiction and nonfiction reading comprehension challenge! This engaging and rigorous march madness classroom activity will help your students understand important reading skills and practice ! It requires students to read 15 unique passages and answer text evidence questions to cover many standards and skills! Why will…

  • march madness math

    March Madness Math Skill Challenge | 3rd Grade Math Review


    A 3rd Grade math skill review activity…with a basketball theme! If your students are fans of ‘March Madness’, they will love this math challenge. Students ‘face off’ to see who can complete the most problems, correctly. Then, it’s time to shoot some baskets! Why will this help your students grow? Engagement-?Fun, exciting challenges that will…