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Surgery Day for Reading Comprehension Practice – Doctor Transformation

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Students will practice many reading skills in a doctor transformation challenge. Transform your room as much as you want into a hospital then give your kid rigorous reading challenges in order to fix their patients! These challenges will have passages that they will use their close reading skills to read and answer text dependent questions with!

Why will these challenges help your students grow?

Engagement– Students will be engaged from the beginning to the end of the challenges. They won’t even realize how hard they are working and how much they are learning about hard skills!

Rigor– These challenges are HIGH LEVEL and make students really think about the text. They also work on many reading skills.

Low Prep- You can just print and do the challenge or you can go all out and transform your room! It truly is up to you!

What?s Included?

The students will become doctors with their badges that are included. They will all receive patients that are included.

Their supervisor, which is the teacher, will tell them that they are not sure what is wrong with the patient and they need to complete all of the tests.

The students will go through each body part completing tests. In order to be able to test they have to read a paragraph and answer the question that goes along with it.

Then, they will complete the test which will be pulling the body part out of the Operation Game. If they hit the side, they will be instructed to go to the supervisor and get an incident report. The report is another question to go with the paragraph. Once they successfully grab the body part they will go to the envelope with their body part and grab a real life x-ray out. They will have the analyze the x-ray to decide if something is wrong with their patent or not. They will do this with all the body parts.

Once they are done they have practiced all the reading skills and will be able to analyze what is wrong with their patients!

Please read this blog post! It will make setting up much easier!

Reading Skill Surgery Explanation

What are others saying?!

Kristie: Bought this as a last minute review before our SBAC testing and OH MY GOSH! DO NOT REGRET PURCHASING THIS! My kids were SO engaged and had a blast! They forgot they were reviewing for the SBAC! I was able to do a whole classroom transformation which they absolutely loved!

Hannah: I used this as a review and my kids absolutely LOVED it!! I am hoping to use it again at the end of the year with my second graders since they are such high thinkers! I had the kids dress up as surgeons and performed surgery using the Operation game! SO. MUCH.FUN!!

Carol: I LOVE this reading surgery transformation! I know my students are really going to have a blast with this reading activity!! I am sooo glad I found you/your wonderful resources! As a teacher that hasn’t done a transformation I am excited to bring this to my students!!

Thank you again for helping make my job easier!


I loved doing mini-transformations each month that would engage my kiddos, but I wanted it to be easy to prep. I also wanted the challenge to be very rigorous, so that my students were working very hard during a time that they were also engaged. Lastly, I wanted to make sure we were reviewing and assessing skills monthly. That is where these challenges came into play. Now each month we practice skills, I get a small assessment in, we are SO engaged, we make memories, and we challenges ourselves! I hope you can too!

Much Love,


The Friendly Teacher


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Surgery Day for Reading Comprehension Practice – Doctor Transformation