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Bat Cave Reading Challenge

The students will practice text features, fact and opinion, comparing and contrasting, main idea and detail, point of view, and writing a narrative in this ENGAGING bat cave challenge.

The students will go through a series of four challenges. In the first challenge they earn their first bat wing, in the second challenge they earn their second bat wing, in the third challenge they fix their teachers wing, and in the fourth challenge they fly to the bat cave.



Why will these challenges help your students grow?

Engagement– Students will be engaged from the beginning to the end of the challenges. They won’t even realize how hard they are working and how much they are learning about hard skills!

Rigor– These challenges are HIGH LEVEL and make students really think about the text. They also work on many reading skills.

Low Prep- You can just print and do the challenge or you can go all out and transform your room! It truly is up to you!

What’s Included?

NOW INCLUDES TWO VERSIONS- One version is for upper elementary and one is for lower. This allows you to use it for any grade level, but also to differentiate the challenge. I have my higher kids do the upper elementary and working towards kids do the lower elementary!

A Google Drive and Paper Version of the Following:

Each challenge has a reading or writing component to it.

Challenge 1:

Read a fiction piece about bats. Identify the facts vs. opinions, then take the facts and create a text feature to show the facts.

Challenge 2:

Read a nonfiction bat piece and create a main idea & detail bat.

Challenge 3:

Read two different stories about bats. Identify the point of view of each story through a compare and contrast.

Challenge 4:

Write your own bat story in the point of view, characters, and setting provided.

After completing the challenge they earn their prize and go to the next. When they finish I set up a “bat cave” where they can enjoy “bat poop” and Halloween books!

Learn more about this challenge and grab a free resource for it here!

What are others saying?!

Tara- This was so much fun! My 4th graders were challenged and having fun! Perfect to do around Halloween!!

Buyer- I did this challenge with my students on Halloween, and they had so much fun that they didn’t realize how much they actually read.

Lisa- This is such an amazing activity. The kids were highly engaged and loved every part of it!


I loved doing mini-transformations each month that would engage my kiddos, but I wanted it to be easy to prep. I also wanted the challenge to be very rigorous, so that my students were working very hard during a time that they were also engaged. Lastly, I wanted to make sure we were reviewing and assessing skills monthly. That is where these challenges came into play. Now each month we practice skills, I get a small assessment in, we are SO engaged, we make memories, and we challenges ourselves! I hope you can too!

Much Love,


The Friendly Teacher


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Bat Cave Reading Challenge