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Animal Habitats Reading & Science Unit – Vocabulary, Close Reads, Lesson Plans

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This unit teaches habitats to students during reading instruction using the Science of Reading principles to do so. Teach students high-level vocabulary and reading comprehension skills all while teaching them about habitats. This unit has reading lesson plans for the week, plus two science activities to tie into the reading!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lesson plans for the whole week
  • A main text that can be read as a class and sent home to reread
  • Discussion questions to go with the main text
  • An EPIC project that relates to the main text
  • Close reads for a partner project on all the main habitats (deserts, rainforest, forest, tundra, aquatic, grassland, freshwater)
  • 2 Science Projects
  • Vocabulary Lesson Plans and Activities

Why will these activities help your students grow and make the teacher happy?

Engagement– Students will LOVE these activities. Each lesson teaches high-level content but with very high engagement.

Science of Reading– Use the science of reading to help students learn not only how to read, but how to comprehend what they read. The discussion questions, vocabulary lessons, and content are taught by using Science of Reading principles.

Low-Prep– All you have to do is print and teach!

What is included in the unit?

  • Explicit 5-day lesson plans
  • A habitat book
  • 6 close reads on different habitats
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Discussion questions for all the books
  • Group project on Habitats
  • Vocabulary Posters
  • Vocabulary Lesson Plans
  • Blooket Review Game
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Vocabulary Assessment

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The Friendly Teacher

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