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Back to School Book Companions – Distance Learning

6 lesson plans for 6 back to school picture books that engage students in character development, family culture, classroom management, friendship building, reading skills, and creative skills.



Why will these lessons help your students grow?

Engagement– Your students will LOVE each of these stories and the activities that go with them. They focus on getting kids familiar with each other and the classroom.


Back to School Development– These products will help students learn about the classroom, character traits they need in the classroom, friendship skills, and more!


Low Prep– All you have to do is provide the books! Everything else is ready to go!


What’s Included?

Each Lesson Plan Comes With:

1. Discussion Questions for the Mentor Text

2. A Whole Group Activity

3. A Partner or Small Group Activity

4. All Materials Needed for the Activities


There are digital options for Google Slides!


The Mentor Texts Are:

The books are as follows:

1. The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Lesson Focus- Living what we love instead of what others love.


2. Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Lesson Focus- Creating the perfectish classroom and create things that are not perfect, but great in their own way.


3. Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller

Lesson Focus- Characteristics of a good friend and good person.


4. Almost Late to School by Carol Diggory Shields

Lesson Focus- Poetry for a good classroom and friend.


5. The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

Lesson Focus- Controlling our emotions in school and a STEM project.


6. Adventures to School: Real-Life Journeys of Students from Around the World by Miranda Paul

Lesson Focus: Family Cultures


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What are others saying?!

Marnie V.- “Love the activities to go along with read alouds! Great lessons and things to start the year!”

Kristen Z.- “Well thought out and easy to use. I always have a difficult time knowing what to teach the first days of school besides routines. This is a great way to get the year started!”

Baylee M.- “This resource is perfect for my littles for the first few days of school and will encourage us to have some really great conversations.”


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Back to School Book Companions – Distance Learning