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Camping Themed End of the Year Activities for 3rd & 4th grade – All Subjects

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Do you want an engaging end of the year unit? Relate camping to science, social studies, math, and reading in 3rd or 4th grade!! All activities are rigorous, engaging, and upper elementary focused!

You can transform your classroom into a campground or just work through a theme, either way these high level activities will keep your students engaged!

How will this help the teacher and student?

Engagement– Students will be engaged the ENTIRE time you are learning about camping and working with the theme!

Integrated– All subjects will have lessons relating to the camping. You will teach math, science, social studies, and reading all with the same theme!

Rigor– These activities are higher level and really make your kids think deeply.

Low Prep– Almost all activities are print and go!

>>>Read about Camping Week Here!<<<

What?s Included?


All activities have a teacher guide included for extra instruction.

Digital Version on Google for All Activities Included

Literacy Activities:

1. 6 Reading Rotation Activities (including a checklist, mad libs, two reading articles with compare and contrasting, a reading comprehension activity, listening to reading activity, and a teacher lesson on visualization)

2. Campfire Song Writing

3. Scary Story Writing

4. Two Mentor Text Lessons (text features & inferencing)

5. National Parks Research Project with Mentor Text

Math Activities

1. ?Save the Bears? Math Review Activity (reviews adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, rounding, graphing, and area and perimeter)

2. ?Make the S?mores? Word Problem Race (one and two step word problems in all operations)

3. Pack the Food- Money Activity

4. Plan the Trip- Time Activity

Social Studies Activities

1.Make a Campground (Econ and Cardinal Directions)

2. Make a Camping Timeline (Timelines and Research)


Solar Oven or Foil S?mores

Making Bubbles

What are others saying?!

This resource is worth every single penny! You have thought of everything! Thank you so much for putting together such a thorough and engaging resource. My students loved every single second of it. -4th Grade Teacher

I used this the last full week of school and it was amazing. There were more than enough activities to have all my lessons for the week be camping themed. My class absolutely loved it and said it was one of the best parts of the year.

– 4th Grade Teacher

I loved the theme of the Camping, but realized that it was mainly only being used in lower grades. I wanted to use it upper elementary, so that we could have a fun end of the year theme week! That is why I created a unit where the students would be engaged, but also learning and practicing higher level skills! I hope your kiddos are as engaged as mine are during this week!

Much Love,


The Friendly Teacher


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Camping Themed End of the Year Activities for 3rd & 4th grade – All Subjects