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Polar Express Unit for 3rd & 4th grade with Christmas activities in all subjects

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Relate the Polar Express to science, social studies, math, and reading in upper elementary! All activities are rigorous, engaging, and upper elementary focused!

You can transform your classroom into the Polar Express or just work on analyzing the text, either way these high level activities will keep your students engaged!

Have your students already read the book in previous grades? GOOD! This shows students how you can take a simple text and analyze it deeply! It is better if they have already read it!

How will this help the teacher and student?

Engagement– Students will be engaged the ENTIRE time you are learning about the Polar Express!

Integrated– All subjects will have lessons relating to the Polar Express. You will teach math, science, social studies, and reading all with the same theme!

Rigor– These activities are higher level and really make your kids think beyond the text!

Low Prep– Almost all activities are print and go!

What?s Included?


All activities have a teacher guide included for extra instruction.

Reading Activities:

  • Visualization before reading activity
  • Several Vocabulary Activities with a Vocabulary Quiz
  • Several Figurative Language Activities
  • Character Trait Graffiti Wall and Acting Activity
  • Theme Close Read
  • Point of View Comparing Activity
  • Comprehension Quiz

Math Activities:

  • Word Problem Race to the North Pole
  • Bar Graphing
  • Line Plot Bring in a Item Activity
  • Let?s Save Christmas-Multiplication and Division Practice
  • Area and Perimeter of the North Pole (Create your Own North Pole)
  • Create Your Own Train using Shapes and Angles

Writing Activities:

  • Imagery Writing of Christmas Morning
  • Letter to Santa ?Parts of a Paragraph Work
  • Comparison Essay

Social Studies Activities

  • Geography of our World
  • History of Trains Timeline Research


  • Polar Region Research
  • Secret Sound Experiment
  • Bells, Bells, Bells

What are others saying?!

Jenna-Great resource that covers all curriculum areas! It was fun to incorporate a movie into our whole day of learning!

Analisa- This is the perfect resource for 3rd graders! It was a lot of fun for my kids, while also being a complex packet for them too!

Nancy- These activities were great! I like that I can differentiate with them, based on the activities available! Thank you!!

>>>Read more about Polar Express week here!<<<

I loved the theme of the Polar Express, but realized that it was mainly only being used in lower grades. I wanted to use it upper elementary so I could show kids how to dig deeper into and still engage in that love for Christmas and magic that kids have! That is why I created a unit where the students would be engaged, but also learning and practicing higher level skills! I hope your kiddos are as engaged as mine are during this week!

Much Love,


The Friendly Teacher


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Polar Express Unit for 3rd & 4th grade with Christmas activities in all subjects