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Stone Fox Novel Study | Comprehension questions, vocabulary, and activities


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A Stone Fox novel study with reading skills for each chapter, quizzes for every two chapters, a final test, and many final project choices for the novel Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.

This is a full unit for the novel Stone Fox. In the unit you will find:

1. A chapter layout with what skill you should teach in each chapter

2. Discussion questions for each chapter

3. Skill ?work page? for each chapter. These pages can be projected to work on as a whole class or printed for your students to work on.

4. A quiz for every two chapters

5. Answer Keys for all quizzes

6. Final Skill Sheets

7. A Final Test

8. Final projects for your kids to show their learning during the novel!

The skills discussed in this novel are:

1. Text Connections

2. Setting

3. Visualization

4. Cause & Effect

5. Character Traits & Motivations

6. Main Idea & Detail

7. Inferences

8. Compare & Contrast

9. Point of View

10. Plot

11. Theme

12. Summarizing

What are others saying?!

Buyer- One of my favorite products from you! My kids loved the book study and got so much out of it.

Nicole- This unit is very helpful and will make my life much easier. Thank you for the answer keys 🙂

Sarah- This is so perfect for our last novel study of the year. I love how each chapter works on a different skill, as it provides a quality review of all of the standards we’ve covered before we finish off the year! The quizzes are great to make sure everyone is on board and gives me an easy grade!

If you would like the digital version of this unit that is all on Google Drive check it out here: Stone Fox on Google Drive

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stone foxStone Fox Novel Study | Comprehension questions, vocabulary, and activities