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I am so glad you’re here! I love helping 3rd-5th grade teachers by providing ideas, engaging resources, and professional development they need. I am a literacy coach who is here to help lessen the workload for teachers while making them more confident! I want students to be continually engaged in a rigorous environment!


  1. Love this list! I try to do all of these things everyday! 30 second dance parties are my favorite! One wish I had is that my desks were shorter, I am tall and when I wear heeled shoes, I have to dodge the ceiling! 🙂

  2. Loved your post! I am known as the "crazy teacher" at our school because I also do fun, random things in class. I love having the kids always wondering what I will do next! I love that there are others out there who want the kids to enjoy coming to school. Let's admit it, sometimes we are the only people who will listen when they talk.that is why I love for my kiddos to share with me. I learn so many things about them as they share their stories! Thanks for a great post, keep on rockin!

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