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Enrichment Menus for 3rd Graders – Full Year Early Finishers

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Do you want to provided enrichment without extra work for you? These enrichment bingo menus are for you! These enrichment menus focus on all subjects and need zero prep. These focus on higher level activities that can be done just with a notebook and technology. All you have to do is print the menu and give it for early finishers, enrichment time, enrichment homework, extra credit, and more!

Each month there is a BINGO card that has math, science, social studies, reading, and STEM activities for the student to complete. You can reward them when they get a BINGO. They will complete the activities in a notebook or on scrap paper.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. A BINGO menu for every month (August-May)
  2. Highly Engaging Enrichment Activities
  3. Activities that are student led
  4. No-Prep enrichment
  5. Editable Version

Why will these activities help your students grow and make the teacher happy?

Engagement– Sometimes kids that need enrichment can get bored fast, but not with these menus! They get to choose which items sound most interesting to them, keeping them engaged the whole time. Each activity will take them 10-30 minutes, so they can get to a new activity when they lose their stamina!

Low-Prep– It is all print and go!

Student Led- The students get to use their creative minds to solve many of these challenges. They are in charge and can take many of the activities in their own direction.

All Subjects- This enrichment covers all subjects! There are a wide-range of activities making it a full enrichment menu!

What does each month look like?

  • 24 activities to choose from
  • Activities that require higher level thinking and creativity
  • Activities that can be done with just paper (some activities do require research)

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Enrichment Menus for 3rd Graders – Full Year Early Finishers