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Text Evidence Reading Paragraph of the Day January Edition

Practice close reading and text evidence skills everyday with a short paragraph that is high interest to your students. Go through every third grade common core standard every month with a paragraph that your students will read and answer questions with each day!

Every month has one fiction and one nonfiction passage for each theme and there are 10 themes!



**These passages are meant for third grade, but can easily work for high level second graders or fourth graders***

Why will these paragraphs help your students grow?

Engagement– Students love the topics and learn something new with each topic! They are also quick so students don’t lose interest doing them everyday!

Rigor– The questions make students think and go back in the text to prove their answer.

Low Prep– Print and use!

Versatile– You can use them for morning work, homework, assessments, or just skill practice!

What’s Included?

1 Fiction and 1 Nonfiction paragraph for each theme

January Themes:

New Years

Martin Luther King Jr.


Chinese New Year

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Donating Blood

State of the Union Address

Polar Bears

Betsy Ross

What are others saying?!

Jaclyn- These are awesome! I downloaded the January addition just to see what they were like. They are AMAZING. Engaging topics that my students will actually want to read about. These will be an awesome addition to guided reading groups and morning work! Thank you for such a great resource! I can’t wait to get the rest of them!

Wandiza- I absolutely love these as quick checks based on the standards that correlate with t.he time of year. You are able to see what students really know in a short amount of time. Absolutely love.

Bridget- My students truly loved this resource! I also felt as though it was a great supplement for the different skills that we were working on.


>>>Or Grab the Whole Year Here<<<

I needed my students to have constant practice of all the standards, but I didn’t want to spend a TON of time close reading everyday and that is how paragraph of the day was born. Now students can practice every skill every single month! Plus, I can use them for morning work, homework, or a quick assessment! I hope they work for you as well as they do for me!

Much Love,


The Friendly Teacher


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Text Evidence Reading Paragraph of the Day January Edition