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Distance Learning Reading Comprehension Practice with Google Slides

Students can work on ALL of the reading skills through these easy to assign Google Slide assignments. Students watch a reading skill video, do a digital interactive anchor chart, watch videos to practice the reading standard, complete fun online activities, complete a close read with a graphic organizer, and do a reading comprehension assessment.



Why will these activities help your students grow and make you happy?

Engagement– Students will LOVE these activities. They get to watch videos, play games, and more all while learning the skills.


Many Choices– There are 15 different skills to choose from. There are a minimum of 5 slides/activities per skill.


Low-Prep– All you have to do is have a Google Account. Using Google Classroom is great too!



What’s Included?

This product is created for students to practice and learn about each reading skill/standard through Google slides.
It was created for students to do independently, but could be used whole class or small group if you wanted.
Each skill comes with one set of slides. Each set of slides follows the following progression

  1. A video to watch to teach them about the skill.
  2. An interactive anchor chart. This will go over the
    skill and then they complete a task to practice.
  3. A video practice activity- they watch a video and
    practice the skill.
  4. A close reading practice activity- short read and
    graphic organizer type practice
  5. FUN activities- these include online games, looking
    at pictures, videos and books, and more!
  6. Close Reading Assessment- this is a close read
    with text dependent questions


Skills Included:

  • Theme
  • Text Structure
  • Text Features
  • Text Evidence
  • Summarizing
  • Point of View
  • Plot
  • Main Idea
  • Literal and Nonliteral Language
  • Inference
  • Context Clues
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Character Traits
  • Cause and Effect
  • Author’s Purpose


Ways to Use These Slides

  • Use during reading centers (my students will have a skill every week and this will be a technology reading center for them)
  • Assign for at-home digital learning because they are super simple to do independently
  • Homework
  • Morning Work
  • In small groups to practice the skill


What are others saying?!

Julia M.- “I love this! When I first saw her character video, I thought to myself… I hope she sells a bundle! And now she did. You can’t beat the price, I’ve considered buying from other TPTers for a lot more money. I’m so happy I waited and got the one I really wanted for a great price! Thanks so much! :)”

Sherry P.- “Fantastic resource! Very thorough and engaging! Very easy to use for distance learning!”

Rebecca D.- “My students loved using this resource! they were so engaged and learned a tremendous amount independently.”


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Distance Learning Reading Comprehension Practice with Google Slides