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Teaching Story Elements through Plot Structure with Activities, Lesson Plans


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Engaging lesson plans to teach plot, intervention, enrichment, small group, assessments, and more! These lesson plans are designed to be low prep for the teacher, but keep your kids engaged the entire week!

There is a whole group and a small group lesson for each day. All the materials are provided, besides books. All the lessons are engaging, low prep, and rigorous for your upper elementary students.

What can you find in the lessons each day?

  • A whole group lesson that focuses on an aspect of text structure
  • A small group activity that can be done during small group time
  • An enrichment or bonus activity
  • An intervention tip, idea, or activity
  • Answer Keys
  • Assessment
  • Everything you need to teach the lessons

Why will these lessons help your students grow?

Engagement– I saw that my students needed more engagement and relation to their real life in order to fully understand the skills, so I created these lessons to keep kids excited and involved the whole time.

Tiered Approach– We start with a real-life lesson, then practice as a whole group, work in a small group, work with partners, and finally work alone. We start with support on the skill and slowly take it away to really push the kiddos.

Rigor- The lessons keep kids thinking the entire time and push them to reach their potential.

Low-Prep– These lessons just need to be printed, andcopied, and they are ready to go! Most activities require little work beforehand for the teacher which makes a teacher’s busy life easier!

Whole Group Lessons:

Monday- Whole group introduction lesson called Show me the story and then practice with a Pixar video and anchor chart.

Tuesday– Learn a song, read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen with questions and practice provided, and then do acting.

Wednesday– Use pictures to identify plot, do a small group plot project using your library or an EPIC library I created, and have students present.

Thursday– Use news articles provided by me, found online, or in magazines and newspapers to identify plot. While partners present using plot dancing to work on identifying plot.

Friday– Play a word card game, read Jack’s Worry by Sam Zuppardi and practice plot. Then you will assess your students with an original assessment provided.

There is one small group lesson per day. You can do this with every group or just do the lessons you think the groups need. You differentiate them by what books you choose.

Monday: Review theplot diagram, read an original story, and practice theplot.

Tuesday: Read a leveled book and practice theplot using thedifferent roles provided.

Wednesday: Use a leveled book and post-it notes to identify theplot.

Thursday: Use a writing project to identify theplot.

Friday: Read an original story provided and use highlighters to identify the plot.

Plus, an intervention and enrichment idea for each day!

What are others saying?!

Stacy- I LOVE this product and hope you make more for all the reading skills. I love how easy it is to follow. It?s engaging and really represents the skill. All the materials are included with websites and all. Make more 🙂 such a great product.

Amanda- I love the activities and lesson included. The students loved the skits involved!

Mrs. B- This was exactly what I was looking for! The combination of whole group and small group activities was just what my unit on plot needed! I can’t wait to teach plot this year!

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Teaching Story Elements through Plot Structure with Activities, Lesson Plans